School of Ocean Technology


In a world where a growing human population is placing increasing burdens on resources and the environment, technology has a critical role to play. Ocean technology is of particular interest given the pivotal role of the oceans in all aspects of human existence - from commerce, to sustenance, to climate.

The Marine Institute's School of Ocean Technology is charged with the responsibility of developing and delivering education and training and applied research and development programs in various aspects of ocean technology. The School is committed to developing and delivering education and training programs to meet the needs of the ocean sector (industry, academia and government) in Canada, and beyond.

Message from the School Head

This is an exciting time to be a part of a growing global Ocean Technology sector and it is particularly exciting to be part of the local world-class facilities and expertise that have been established and continue to grow in our province.

Within this regional cluster of Ocean Technology capability, the Marine Institute fills two critical roles through the School of Ocean Technology. It delivers education and training programs for individuals seeking employment within the sector and it also works with industry to develop new ocean technology products and services.Dwight Howse Student Experience Remotely Operated Vehicles ROV

We fill these roles within four primary areas:

  • Ocean Instrumentation
  • Ocean Observation
  • Ocean Mapping
  • Underwater Intervention (Vehicles and Diving)

Academic programs delivered by the School cover a range of certifications from short industry response courses through to Masters level degrees, all with a focus on the marine sector. New and developing academic programs offered through the School of Ocean Technology are unique in content and application.

Through our collaboration with industry and other institutions, we position graduates for long-term career paths filled with opportunity. The ocean industries are changing. Ocean industries are adopting new technologies to make their operations safer, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable.

These industries need the knowledge and skills of ocean technology experts to maintain their competitiveness. The Marine Institute is a contributor to the growth and profile of ocean technology in Newfoundland and Labrador, in Canada, and beyond.

The annual Ocean Innovation conference organized through the Marine Institute is Canada’s premier ocean technology conference. The Journal of Ocean Technology published quarterly by the School of Ocean Technology highlights new and exciting ocean technology activity regionally and internationally. The Centre for Applied Ocean Technology undertakes the School's applied research and development initiatives, including SmartBay.

This ocean observing system established in Placentia Bay contributes to safe operations by the offshore oil and gas industry and local fishers through monitoring and forecasting of maritime weather conditions in the area. It is indeed an exciting time to be a part of the growth of ocean technology and we welcome you to join us in this growth.

- Dwight Howse, Head, School of Ocean Technology