Competition Rules

Competition Rules
  • 1. Teams must consist of a minimum of 2 members plus mentors up to a maximum of 12 members including mentors.
  • Entries must be submitted, in writing, on the standard form included, no later than October 21, 2022. Entries will be accepted via email, fax, or regular mail.
  • 3. The maximum permissible boat length is 700mm, including appendages, rudder arrangement etc.
  • 4. All boat hulls must be of original design by participants.
  • 5. All hulls must be of original manufacture (i.e. no hulls may be purchased).
  • 6. Hulls must not be made of, or coated with water soluble materials and must not contaminate the Flume Tank.
  • 7. All boats must utilize the propulsion package supplied by the Marine Institute as their only means of propulsion.
  • 8. The boat’s rudder must be of the team’s own design and construction.
  • 9. All boats must navigate the designated course independently via remote control navigation only, using the control system supplied by the Marine Institute.
  • 10. Each team will receive equal “tank time” to practice navigating the course and complete their timed runs with their boat. Scheduling for tank time will be determined prior to the event.
  • 11. All boat designs will require calculation sheets (provided) to be completed and submitted at race time in a design booklet.
  • 12. Poster board displays are required, introducing the team and the boat design.
  • 13. Models that fail to comply with the stated restrictions will be ineligible for awards but may participate in the completion.
  • 14. During the slalom racing, time penalties will be issued to those teams who’s boats come in contact with buoys during their run through the course. Teams that intentionally miss the buoys will be issued a time penalty.
  • 15. Any complaints of intentional interference prior to or during the head to head race will be brought to the Head Judge for ruling. Findings of intentional interference may result in time penalties or disqualification.
  • 16. In the event of collisions during head to head racing, judges will determine fault and issue penalties accordingly (if necessary). Findings of fault may result in time penalties or disqualification.
  • 17. All decisions made by the judges, before, during and after the event will be considered final.