How do I enter the boat race?

Talk to your school mentor about joining your high school's team. If you do not know who your school mentor is please contact us.

What is the first step in building a model boat?

Before you can begin building a model boat, you must first design it. You will need to create some drawings, or sketches, that define the size and shape of the model.

It must be large enough so that the propulsion kit (supplied by the Marine Institute) will fit inside.

How long does it typically take to build a model boat?

This depends on the size, construction material(s), design and hullform (shape) of your model. You should allow for at least two weeks constructing the hull and a week to install and test the propulsion system.

The hull should be constructed so the propulsion system can be easily installed, or, the model can be built around the propulsion system.

There are many ways to build model boats and you are not restricted from using any method you wish.

What type of hull materials can be used?

You can use any material that will not degrade when placed in water.

Can teams visit the Marine Institute to test their model boats before the boat race date?

No. The flume tank is constantly working with local and international clients and will only be available on the day of the boat race.

Where can teams test their models?

You may test your designs on any body of water that is accessible to you. We recommend that you select a calm, wave and current-free location.

Be sure to seek proper permissions, when necessary, and always use the utmost care when working around the water. Wear proper safety gear and make sure an adult supervises you.

What do teams need to do if the propulsion kit does not work properly?

Please contact us if your propulsion kit does not work properly. Be prepared to describe the problem to us.

We will work with you to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

Will someone from the Marine Institute be able to visit our school to meet with our team

Yes. Ask your mentor to contact us to make arrangements for a meeting.

How do we install the propulsion kit?

We have prepared a Propulsion Kit Sample Installation Guide‌‌‌.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

Our model boat is not floating the way that we want it to. What adjustments can we make to adjust the ‘heel' and ‘trim'?

You can add weight (called "ballast") to your model in order to change the 'heel' and/or 'trim'. You should use ballast sparingly, however, as adding weight to your model will make it heavier. A heavier model will require more power to travel at the speeds you want. If your model is too heavy, your top speed will be lower and the model may be difficult to manoeuvre.