The Product

The Product
  • A remote control boat built by you and your team.
  • A poster board display describing your boat and how you designed and manufactured it.
  • A design booklet.
Model Boat

The design and fabrication of boat models is entirely up to the student teams themselves; students have considerable flexibility in determining their final boat Equipment parts - Boat Race 2014shape.

Innovation will play a very substantial role in this aspect of the competition.‌‌

Two design parameters - overall length of the model (Length: 700 mm maximum) and the requirement to use the propulsion and control system that is provided by the Marine Institute, must be adhered to by all teams.

Teams are encouraged to construct a “cradle” to support their boat in the upright position for working and display purposes

Boat Poster Board Display

Each team will be expected to display their boat, a poster board and a design booklet.Model Boat Race Poster Board‌‌‌

The displays will be exhibited on tables provided for each team, in a ‌designated area.‌‌

A foldable Project and Presentation Display Board, sized 48" x 36" will be created by the students outlining the team members, the inspiration and development of their boat, including photos of the boat under construction.

The display board will be evaluated as part of the model package.

Design Booklet

The Design Booklet should simply be a record of the design concepts that have aided in the development and manufacture of the boat. All information should be organised in a three ring binder which outlines the basic design concepts for the boat.

Copies of any sketches or preliminary designs by the students, problems encountered, solutions, alternatives, calculation worksheets (supplied by MI) and a photo gallery of the process would be suggested materials in this submission.

Please note that the design booklet should not be in essay form but rather a collection of ideas and processes that led to the development of the boat and its design. The design booklet will also be evaluated as part of the poster display.