Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible for any Marine Institute Entrance Scholarship students must first meet all Marine Institute entrance requirements as outlined in the Marine Institute Calendar. MI Entrance Scholarship Average will be compiled from the grades received in the following courses:


  • 2 English credits, 3rd Level English (3201)
  • 4 Math credits, 2 from 3rd Level Math (Academic or Advanced) and 2 from 2nd Level Math (Academic or Advanced)
  • 4 credits in Laboratory Science (2 credits must be a 3000 level course)
  • 2 credits in a social science or classical language (must be a 3000 level)
  • 2 credits at the 3000 level in an elective course (maybe from the courses listed above or additional courses approved by the Department of Education).


Scholarship Allocation


Students obtaining an average of:


  • Between 80 and 84.9% will receive a Marine Institute Entrance Scholarship valued at $1000
  • Students will also be assessed in accordance with Memorial University's entrance scholarship program to ensure that they are awarded a scholarship if eligible.




  • Entrance scholarships are to be awarded in the Fall Semester.
  • The MI entrance scholarships are open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents graduating from secondary school, who are admitted to the Marine Institute on the basis of high school grades and current entrance standards, and who meet the above outlined scholarship average. They are also open to students in the above category who may not be coming directly from high school. This is limited to those who have previously graduated from high school, are admitted to the Marine Institute on the basis of high school grades and current entrance standards, and who meet the above outline scholarship average.
  • Students may receive only one internal entrance scholarship.
  • Any student in receipt of an externally funded entrance scholarship is still eligible to receive a MUN or MI entrance scholarship.
  • Students who have previously attended other post-secondary institutions public or private, transfer students or mature students are not eligible for MI entrance scholarships.
  • A student who is awarded an MI entrance scholarship as a new matriculant does have the option to apply to defer the scholarship offer for one year. To defer a scholarship, the student must provide written documentation in the form of a letter to the scholarship administrator. The letter must detail the reasons for deferring the scholarship. All applications are reviewed by the scholarship committee.


Awarding of Scholarship


  • Scholarship payment will only be made after the last date to drop and add courses for that specific academic term as reflected in the proper academic diary.
  • If a student drops below a full time course load in their first term of study, the scholarship offer will be revoked and no payment will be issued.
  • Marine Institute Entrance Scholarships are a onetime non-renewable award.