The Marine Institute offers a number of programs which include formalized work terms which are required in order to successfully complete the program of study and be eligible for the related diploma or certificate. The Institute has general guidelines governing work terms which are provided below. There are also work term regulations specific to each program. These are considered as course regulations which are provided to students separately.


25.1 Status


While on work terms, students are considered to be full-time students. All Marine Institute academic policies and regulations governing full-time students apply to students completing work terms.


25.2 Fees


Students entering work terms in Diploma of Technology and Advanced Diploma programs are required to pay a fee equivalent to the fee for one course for that student in that program at the time of registration. Please refer to the section concerning Fees and Financial Information for further details.


25.3 Registration


Students are permitted to conditionally register for a work term during the last week of classes of the preceding academic semester. This registration is conditional upon the completion of the preceding academic semester in which the student is enrolled and confirmation of the completion of any required prerequisites. Students who are required to withdraw at the end of the preceding academic semester are not eligible for placement in the work term and the conditional registration will be cancelled.


25.4 Placement


25.4.1 Placement Services and Coordination


All placements for work terms are coordinated jointly through the appropriate school and The Office of Career Integrated Learning which assists employers and students in the selection process. The Institute does not guarantee placement. However, every effort is made to obtain adequate numbers of positions for students embarking on work terms. Please refer to the Student Services section for further information concerning The Office of Career Integrated Learning.


25.4.2 Students Required to Withdraw from Programs


If a student is required to withdraw from a program, the Institute will not place the student until he/she has been reinstated in the program.


25.4.3 Self Placement


Students may secure their own placements provided they consult with The Office of Career Integrated Learning. It is critical that all such placements are discussed with The Office of Career Integrated Learning and prior approval is obtained from the appropriate School before accepting a work term position with the intention of fulfilling the work term requirements of any specific program. Failure to receive prior approval may jeopardize the student’s academic status and the he eligibility of the work completed for recognition as meeting work term requirements.


Students in School of Fisheries programs and School of Ocean Technology Programs, who are unable to secure a work term placement are required to do a research project. The project must be approved by the School Head and supervised by a faculty member. A research project is not an option for students in any other School of Maritime Studies programs.


25.5 Evaluation


All students on work terms are required to complete a project as specified by the respective School. Written project reports or completed “Sea Training Manuals” must be submitted to the appropriate Program Chair prior to the registration date for the next academic semester. These reports and manuals are evaluated by the Program Chair or designate.


Evaluation of a students work term performance is based on the employer’s report and either the written project report or the Sea Training Manual. Each is evaluated separately. The specific evaluation scheme for each work term is outlined in the course regulations for that work term.


On-the-job performance is assessed by written documentation from the employer and, where necessary, a meeting between the employer and an Institute representative.


25.6 Advancement


Students are required to obtain a minimum overall passing average as specified by the appropriate School and the requirements of each respective work term. However, in all cases, a student must obtain no less than 50% in each of the appropriate evaluation components (Sea Training Manual, project report, employer’s assessment) in order to advance. Students who fail to honour a placement, leave before the agreed upon termination date, or perform in a manner which causes the employer to terminate employment, shall be deemed to have failed the work term.


25.7 Repeating Work Terms


Students who do not achieve the required grades, or fail a work term for any reason, are required to repeat the work term in order to earn credit for that component of the program. A student is permitted to repeat a given work term only once. Failure to pass on the second attempt means that the student must then withdraw from the program. A student may not repeat more than one work term for the entire length of the program.


Students who fail a work term are required to withdraw from the Marine Institute for at least one academic semester. The period of withdrawal will be considered to be the academic semester immediately following the scheduled date of return to the Institute following the work term.


25.8 Reporting of Results


Work Term evaluation results are recorded as either Pass (PAS), Pass with Distinction (PWD) or Fail (FAL) on the student’s transcript. No grade value is recorded on a student’s transcript. No grade value is recorded on a student’s transcript.


25.9 Scheduling


Work terms are scheduled differently for each program. Students are expected to complete the work term(s) at the appropriate time(s). Alterations to the schedule or exemptions can be made only on the basis of exceptional circumstances and with approval from the School. All requests for exemptions or alternatives along with supporting documentation (medical forms,etc.) must be submitted in writing to the Registrar.


25.10 Specific Programs


For information on the application of these general regulations to specific programs, please consult the detailed program listings.