From time to time the Marine Institute enters partnerships for the purpose of developing or delivering courses or programs. These partnerships may be with other educational institutions, with public agencies or with private companies. Where appropriate, such partnerships may be formally recognized on certificates. This may be done in one of the following ways:


5.1 The Marine Institute is the Awarding Institute


When a course or program is developed largely by the Marine Institute, either in partnership with or on behalf of another institution or agency, an appropriate Marine Institute Certificate will be awarded. This certificate may contain the phrase “designed in partnership with ........” as an additional description of the course or program.


5.2 A Joint Certificate is Awarded


When a course or program is developed and/or delivered in partnership with another educational institution, a joint certificate formally recognizing both institutions may be awarded. This certification would be consistent with Marine Institute criteria and its award would require Marine Institute Academic Council approval. The certificate itself would recognize both institutions and contain the signatures of both chief executive officers or duly authorized officers of either institution.