The Marine Institute’s main campus is located in St. John’s, within Pippy Park. It consists of classrooms and technical laboratories in support of its Programs, a flume tank, licensed seafood processing plant, simulation facilities and a freshwater aquaculture and research and development facilities.


The Institute’s Offshore and Safety and Survival Centre is located in Foxtrap, located 30 kms from the Institute’s main campus. This training facility includes an international class marine firefighting unit, a survival tank with environmental simulation capabilities, a helicopter underwater escape trainer and simulated ship structure which provides a practical experience in controlling and extinguishing all types of shipboard fires.


The Holyrood Marine Base, is located in Holyrood about 45 kms for the Institute's main campus. The current facility houses the Centre for Applied Ocean Technology (CTec) classroom and office space; electrical and mechanical laboratories; a wet gear change, wash-down and drying area for diving and safety and survival operations; and equipment storage. Construction is underway on a breakwater and marginal wharf at the site. Planning is underway for subsequent development of the Marine Base.


In addition to facilities in St. John’s and surrounding area the Institute operates the Safety and Emergency Response Training (SERT) Centre located in Stephenville, which offers training courses in aviation, marine and industrial safety and emergency response.