Programs offered by the Marine Institute fall into three categories, each addressing the particular needs of the industry and the specific goals of the Newfoundland post-secondary education system.


The Institute also offers, in cooperation with faculties of Memorial University, Bachelor’s Degrees in Maritime Studies and Technology Management based upon existing three-year diploma programs, as well as Master's degrees in Marine Studies in Fisheries Resource Management, Technology Management, and Maritime Management. The Marine Institute also participates in the administration and delivery of the Master of Science in Aquaculture.


Advanced Diploma, Diploma of Technology and Technician Diploma programs are offered for the new generation of industry professionals, including those entering specific industrial niches requiring highly developed technical skills.


Technical Certificate programs are offered for persons entering the work force at the basic production or technical levels. Industry response and short course professional development programs are offered to industry participants who wish to continue their professional development.


Professional development and certification in marine navigation, safety survival and fire-fighting are offered through a wide selection of training courses provided by the School of Maritime Studies. School of Fisheries short courses are offered within rural communities in harvesting, processing, safety and fisheries management.