This program is designed to:


  • provide a strong technical education in the areas of food safety and food inspection
  • prepare students for employment in the food industry and regulatory agencies
  • develop technical and analytical skills in food safety and food inspection




Please refer to the Admissions Section of this Calendar.




The program is divided into the following terms:


Term One:


Students will be required to take courses in Applied Statistics, Food Microbiology, Food Processing, Food Safety and Sanitation, and Food Chemistry.


Term Two:


The second term continues the study of food safety and includes such courses as Food Law, Foodborne Diseases, Food Inspection Techniques, Management Principles, and Food Toxicology. A technical project course allows for in depth study of an area of special interest.


Term Three:


Students will find placements in pertinent industries or agencies for practical experience.




  • This program emphasizes the food quality/assurance component of the industry together with food safety.
  • Students will experience a range of teaching methods including lectures, tutorials, laboratories, seminars and study tours.




Students in Advanced Diplomas must obtain a passing grade of 65% or better in all program courses.


Students who have received a grade of less than 50% in any course will be required to withdraw from the program.


Students who have received a grade less than 65% (but 50% or greater) in more than one program course during a single term will be required to withdraw from the program.


Students who have received a grade less than 65% (but 50% or greater) in one program course will be permitted to remain in the program, provided that course is retaken when offered and passed with a grade of 65% or better. Only one such repeat will be permitted per term. Failure to obtain a grade of 65% in the repeated course shall lead to termination of a student’s program.




Term 1
BIOL 4104 (Food Microbiology)
CHEM 4102 (Food Chemistry)
FDTE 4105 (Food Hygiene and Food Safety)
FDTE 4111 (Food Processing)
STAT 4106 (Applied Statistics)
TKPR 413A (Technical Project)
WKTM 4000 (Work Term Preparation Seminar)
Term 2
BSMG 4111 (Fundamentals of Canadian Food Laws and Regulations)
BSMG 4112 (Management Principles)
*FDTE 2118 (Canned Foods and Thermal Processing)
FDTE 3102 (Food Safety Enhancement Program/Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
FDTE 3104 (Quality Management Program)
FDTE 3108 (Global Food Safety Initiatives)
FDTE 4102 (Food Inspection Techniques)
FDTE 4207 (FoodBorne Diseases/Toxicology)
TKPR 413B (Technical Project)
Term 3
WKTM 4111 (Work Term - Advanced Diploma in Food Safety)


*Taught 5 consecutive days after end of Semester


Credit Earned: Advanced Diploma - Food Safety


1 Year: 2 Semesters and 1 Work Term Session


Normal Start: Fall


Contact: Admissions Officer
(709) 778-0380
1-800-563-5799 (ext. 380)




Graduates of this program will find excellent opportunities for challenging and rewarding employment in production, quality assurance, food plant inspection services, food analysis laboratories, regulatory agencies and many other interesting careers.


Sample Job Descriptions:


  • Responsible for the plant sanitation program
  • Quality systems management, H.A.C.C.P., microbiological analysis
  • Supervise all Q.A. functions