Vice-President of Memorial University (Marine Institute)


G. Blackwood




The Master of Technology Management (MTM) is a comprehensive academic program that provides a broad understanding of the structure and operation of organizations and the factors that influence business decisions in the context of technology-based organizations. It provides a technology management focus through the development of knowledge and understanding of the nature of technical operations and the factors that have an impact on their success, as well as the ability to apply these concepts within their organizations.


The program consists of two options:


  • Engineering and Applied Science Technology Option
  • Aquaculture Technology Option


The program is offered online and requires successful completion of either (i) 24 credit hours of course work and a comprehensive project and report (6 credit hours), or (ii) 30 credit hours of comprehensive course work. Candidates will typically register on a part-time basis.

Program regulations and requirements may be found by consulting the Memorial University Calendar online at