This is a two semester Program, plus an eight week Workterm, delivered at the Safety and Emergency Response Training (SERT) Centre in Stephenville, NL. It is based on internationally recognized NFPA standards. The courses are taught by certified Fire Service personnel.


Students attend lectures in a modern classroom setting and complete realistic skills training in a “live fire” training facility. They gain practical experience by using modern fire suppression equipment in a simulated fire station environment.


To receive the Fire Rescue program certificate students must pass all courses within the program and earn certifications from an NFPA accredited agency in the following:


1. NFPA 1006 - Technical Rescuer - Rope Rescue Levels I and II (This included CORE components)
2. NFPA 1006 - Technical Rescuer - Confined Space Entry Levels 1 and II
3. NFPA 1006 - Technical Rescuer - Vehicle Extrication Levels I and II
4. NFPA 472 - Hazardous Materials Awareness
5. NFPA 472 - Hazardous Materials Operations
3. NFPA 1001 Level 1 (Fire Fighter 1)
4. NFPA 1001 Level 2 (Fire Fighter 2)
5. NFPA 1002 (Fire Pumper/Driver Operator)


Please note: All NFPA testing is controlled by an External Agency. No oral examination will be available for NFPA testing.




Please refer to the Admissions section of this Calendar.


Please Note:


Physical fitness is required for employment as a fire fighter. Therefore, a SERT Fitness test will be administered in the first week of the program. Students will use the results of this test to prepare for the second SERT Fitness test. Successful completion of the second Physical Fitness Test conducted in Semester Two is prerequisite to work term commencement. During this second Physical Fitness Test, Students will be required to wear full turnout gear and SCBA.




Course Delivery Schedule subject to change. Please note that the order of course delivery may vary.


Semester One:
SFTY 1104 (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems)
FIRE 0041 (Advanced Medical First Responder Level I (40 hours))
FIRE 0036 (Hazardous Materials Awareness)
FIRE 0035 (Hazardous Materials Operations)
FIRE 0011 (Fire Fighter - Level I)
FIRE 0030 (Fire Pumper/Driver Operator)


Semester Two:
FIRE 0038 (Technical Rescuer - Rope Rescue Level I and II)
FIRE 0039 (Technical Rescuer - Confined Space Rescue Level I and II)
FIRE 0037 (Technical Rescuer - Vehicle Rescue Level I and II)
FIRE 0034 (Firefighter - Level II)


Work Term
WKTM 0010 (Work Term)




  • Successful completion of all courses within the Fire Rescue Program
  • Successful Completion of NFPA 1001 Level 1 Certification
  • Successful Completion of Physical Fitness Test conducted in Semester Two. During this second Physical Fitness Test, Students will be required to wear full turnout gear and SCBA.
  • Clear Code of Conduct document from a Police Department


Credit Earned:


Technical Certificate - Fire Rescue


2 Semesters (each 12 weeks) plus an 8 week Work Term


Ocean Safety


Contact: Marine Institute
Admissions Officer
1-800-563-5799 (ext. 380)
Safety and Emergency Response Training Centre, Stephenville
1-709-643-5550 (ext. 230)




The graduate of this program will be qualified for a recruit level position with a municipal or industrial fire department.