The Marine Institute provides computer laboratories to be used for instruction, course work and assignments. These facilities are fully networked and permit students to operate all software applications required for their course work. These rooms are available during normal working hours when classes are not in progress as well as at scheduled times after-hours. Printing and plotting is provided on a fee per page basis, funds are transferred to the printing software using the Smart Card system.


Accounts are issued to new students at the beginning of each semester. Returning students will have their accounts renewed upon confirmation of registration. Please see University Single Email for students and Employees policy at E-Mail for Students and Employees for further information.


While using these facilities, students are expected to adhere to the regulations governing computer facility usage for all individuals accessing Marine Institute computer systems and services. The regulations are provided in the Calendar section entitled Institute Rules under Academic Policies and Regulations. Failure to do so may result in a loss of privileges or further disciplinary action in accordance to the Code of Disciplinary Procedures for Students. Violations of some policies may constitute a criminal offence.