15.1 Grade Reports


Semester grade reports are released via student self-service at the end of each semester for all Advanced, Technology and Technician Diploma and Certificate Programs. These list the courses taken during that semester and the grades or results obtained by one of the letter codes below. This also reports the end of term academic standing earned by the student at the end of the period of study. The following provides an explanation of grades reported at the end of each semester or session:


  • A Numeric Grade indicates the grade received.
  • A Numeric Grade followed by the letter “F” indicates that even though the grade received is above 50%, the required passing grade for that course is higher than the actual grade received.
  • PAS indicates that the student’s performance meets expectations but no numeric grade is recorded.
  • DR indicates that the student dropped the course without academic prejudice. No grade is provided.
  • DRF indicates that the student dropped the course but has incurred academic prejudice. A grade of 0% is recorded.
  • INC or IP indicates that the course is not yet complete. This may be due to a course’s duration being longer that one semester or due to a student receiving an extension to complete course work.
  • GNR indicates that no grade has yet been received from the School by the Office of the Registrar. In this circumstance, the grade will be entered as soon as it is received.


15.2 Aegrotat (AEG)


Aegrotat status in a course refers to a student’s eligibility to continue in his/her program without completion of all semester work for the course in question, with advancement to subsequent courses on the basis of the work completed. Aegrotat standing confers credit for the course(s) under consideration.


However, no grade is assigned and Aegrotat (AEG) is entered on the student’s permanent record.


Aegrotat will be awarded to a student who has:


  • encountered exceptional circumstances such as illness which prevented completion of the semester’s work;
  • demonstrated the ability to do the work; and,
  • received the recommendation of the School Head.


15.3 Audit


An Auditor is a student who is awarded permission, in writing by the School, to attend lectures in a course on the understanding that he/she may not participate in any assignments, examinations or any other form of evaluation offered for the course involved. Such permission will be contingent upon seat availability in the course and the satisfaction of the instructor of the course that having a student audit the course will not be a disruption for him/her or the remainder of the class.


Once a student has registered to audit, he/she may not change their status to earn credit. Nor will a student who has registered for credit in a course be permitted to change his/her status to Audit.


The student may, in succeeding semesters, take any course for credit that was previously audited. Auditing students must present a signed Permission to Audit Form to the Office of the Registrar. Permission to audit a course will not be granted until the number of students registered for credit in the class is known.


15.4 Deferred Final Examinations (DEF)


A student who is unable, for a valid reason, to write a final examination at the scheduled time may apply for a Deferred Examination. The application must be supported by a detailed medical certificate if the absence is due to illness or hospitalization.


If a student becomes ill or receives notification of severe domestic affliction during an examination, and wishes to discontinue the examination and apply for a deferral, he/she shall report at once to the chief invigilator, hand in his/her unfinished examination and request the exam be cancelled. If illness is the cause, he/she must report directly to a physician so that any subsequent application for a deferred examination may be supported by a medical certificate.


If a student writes an examination, submits his/her paper for marking, and later reports extenuating circumstances to support his/her request for cancellation of his/her paper, such a request will not be considered.


15.5 Repeats


Students are permitted a maximum of three attempts at each course for which a grade is awarded by the Institute. Thus a student is permitted a maximum of two repeats for each course on his/her record.


15.6 Part Time


A student is considered part time if taking three or fewer courses in a semester.


15.7 End of Term Academic Status


At the end of each semester a student’s end of term academic standing shall be denoted on a student’s grade report or transcript with one of the following:


15.7.1 Clear Standing (G0, G1, G2)


The student has passed at least 50% of all the courses for which a grade was awarded and has a cumulative average of at least 60% (The # indicates the number of withdrawals).


15.7.2 Academic Warning (AW)


This standing applies to 1st time first semester students only. The student has passed 50% of the courses for which a grade was awarded, but has a cumulative average of less than 60%.


15.7.3 Conditional (CR, C1, C2)


The student passed 50% of the courses for which a grade was awarded and has a cumulative average between 50% to 59.9%, except in the case where these conditions were met in the previous semester and the student was admitted to the current semester on condition. In this case the student is required to withdraw with the exception of technical session and workterms.


15.7.4 Withdrawal (R1, R2, R3)


A student who, in a given semester, meets the requirements for conditional standing but who earned a Conditional Standing for his/her previous academic semester is required to withdraw for one semester. If the requirements for Conditional Standing are met as a result of grades earned during the Technical Session and the student earned a Conditional Standing in the previous semester, the student will be awarded a Conditional Standing and will be conditionally readmitted to the next semester or session.


A student who passes fewer than 50% of the courses for which he/she is registered in a semester is required to withdraw for one semester with the exception of Marine Engineering Term 6 Academic summer semester.


Technical or Summer sessions do not constitute a Semester.


A full time student whose cumulative average is less than 50% is required to withdraw for one semester.


15.7.5 Academic Dismissal (R3)


A student who has been required to withdraw from this or any other public post-secondary Institution on three (3) occasions will be Academically Dismissed. In this instance, a student may be readmitted to the Marine Institute only in exceptional circumstances and only upon approval of the Admissions Committee.