Marine Institute Supplementary Examination Regulations apply to students in Advanced Diploma, Diploma of Technology, Technician Diploma, and Technical Certificate programs.


  • The writing of supplementary examinations is limited to courses having a final exam and to students who:


(a) have obtained at least 90% of the specified passing grade in courses failed; and
(b) have satisfied term evaluation requirements as specified in course outlines.


Students meeting these criteria will receive a mark code of SUP in place of the failing grade and will automatically be enrolled in the supplementary examination for the specific courses.


  • Only one supplementary examination per course offering is permitted.
  • Supplementary examinations must be written during the supplementary examination period as scheduled.
  • Supplementary examinations will normally be written during the first ten working days of the following term.
  • A supplementary examination cannot be written for a course in which a student has received a reduction of any portion of the course grade as a result of Academic Misconduct.
  • The maximum grade for a course in which a supplementary examination has been written is the passing grade for the course.
  • A fee to cover administrative costs will be automatically charged to the student’s account for each supplementary examination written.
  • For the purposes of calculating a student’s revised final grade, the grade obtained in a supplementary examination replaces the grade earned for the original examination for the calculation of the final course grade.
  • Students choosing not to write a supplementary examination will receive the final grade earned for the course.