20. New Final Script Policy


  • A student has a right to see his or her final examination script. However, the script is the property of the Marine Institute and the Institute retains full possession and control of the script at all times. This regulation upholds the authority and judgment of the examiner in evaluation.
  • To access a final examination script, a student must make a written request to the Head of the School of their program. This request is subject to the following conditions:
    • Any such requests must be made following release of examination results for the semester or session in which the course was taken and within one month of the official release of grades by the Marine Institute.
    • The final examination script must be viewed in the presence of a person delegated by the Head of the School.
    • The final examination script must not be taken away or tampered with in anyway.
  • All Final Examination Scripts shall be retained by the Registrar's Office for a minimum of one academic year.