A Challenge Examination is written by a student who wishes to seek credit in a course by a procedure other than normal class instruction or transfer of credit from another post-secondary institution.


The Marine Institute of Memorial University recognizes that some students may have achieved competence in certain subject areas through experience gained elsewhere. This experience, which may warrant consideration for academic credit may consist of courses taken at other education institutions or skills acquired from work or learning outside the Marine Institute. It should be noted that challenge for credit is not offered for Work Terms or Internships. Students will be required to show documented proof of having received the experience. The Marine Institute shall have the responsibility to evaluate each student’s application and determine which courses may be challenged, subject to the procedures and regulations outlined below:


7.1 Application for a Challenge Examination


Students must complete an Application for a Challenge Examination which can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar. The student must complete the application and submit it to the Registrar. The application requires the student to document the previous education or work experience which the student believes is adequate preparation for challenging the course in question for credit.


The Registrar’s office forwards applications to the appropriate School for evaluation of each student’s request. This evaluation determines if credit for the course may be obtained in this manner. If an appropriate examination format is approved for the applicant by the School, the School then notifies the Registrar’s office of the nature, format and schedule for the exam.


This information is then communicated to the student by the Registrar in writing with any further related instructions from the School. If the student wishes to proceed with the challenge exam as prescribed, he/she will be required to confirm his/her agreement in writing and to pay a non-refundable tuition fee equivalent in amount to the fee for one course credit for the semester in question.


7.2 Challenge Examinations Regulations


Receipt of payment of the applicant’s required tuition fee by the Cashier, following written confirmation of the Challenge Exam availability from the Registrar, shall constitute an official request for a Challenge Examination. The applicant is then entitled to challenge the course in question for credit through the agreed upon examination.


  • Challenge for Credit is available only to students formally admitted to, and registered in, a program leading to a Certificate or Diploma.
  • A maximum of five (5) credits towards a Marine Institute Diploma may be acquired by challenge exam at the Marine Institute or elsewhere. A maximum of two (2) credits may be obtained towards a Marine Institute Certificate.
  • A challenge credit may not be used as a substitute for grade raising or to replace a failed course.
  • The Challenge Examination shall be worth 100%.
  • A student may not challenge a course (or its equivalent) in which he/she has been previously registered or which he/she has already challenged.
  • The passing grade for a challenge will appear on the transcript as PAS or FAL. Challenge grades are not, therefore, computed in averages and are not used in evaluating scholarship standing, but are counted as course attempts. Failures (FA) will be noted on the transcript.
  • A student may not withdraw the challenge once he/she has officially requested a Challenge Examination. Failure to complete the exam as approved will constitute failure of the exam in question.
  • Applications to write challenge examinations are to be filed in accordance with deadlines for Supplementary Exams. The Registrar shall notify the student of the status of the Challenge examination result by way of a Challenge Exam Report and the final result will be included as part of the student’s end of semester grade report.