This is a Technical Certificate level program designed to provide fish harvesters with the opportunity to improve their position and become a Master or Deck Officer on board fishing vessels. The program prepares candidates to pass the examination set by Transport Canada for Fishing Master Class IV as well as providing them with a practical skill set to assume enterprise head status. This program will provide harvesters with the courses required to obtain Level II certification with the Professional Fish Harvesters Certification Board.




Applicants seeking entry to Marine Institute programs which lead to Transport Canada Certification for Seafarer’s should note that Transport Canada requires proof of satisfactory physical fitness prior to sitting for any Transport Canada exams. This includes satisfactory visual acuity, colour vision, and hearing, among other physical requirements.


These Programs include the Marine Institute Diplomas of Technology in Nautical Science, Marine Engineering, the Vocational Certificate in Marine Diesel Mechanics and the Technical Certificate in Bridge Watch Program. Proof of physical fitness is also required for students to participate in Marine Emergency Duties (MED) Training which is a compulsory part of these Programs.


Proof of physical fitness must be provided by way of a signed medical from an approved physician. Signed Seafarer’s and Marine Institute medicals from an approved physician are required for admission to each respective program. The list of physicians approved to conduct either the Seafarer’s or MED medical is available from the Marine Institute Office of the Registrar. Details of the physical requirements for the Seafarer’s Medical may be obtained from Transport Canada at the following address:


Marine Safety Directorate
John Cabot Building, 10 Barter’s Hill
P.O. Box 1300, St. John’s, NL A1C 6H8
(709) 772 - 5167




Applicants who possess a valid Fishing Master Class IV Certificate issued by Transport Canada may be eligible to receive Advanced Standing in this program. The requirements of Term 1 are waived for students approved for advanced standing and they may commence their studies in Term 2 of the program. (Refer to Admissions section of this Calendar for general information regarding Advanced Standing).




This program is offered over a period of 21 weeks. The first session prepares students to complete Transport Canada examinations for Fishing Master - Fourth Class certification. The second session provides additional courses for completion of the Technical Certificate in Harvesting and for Level II certification with the Professional Fish Harvesters Certification Board.




Chartwork and Pilotage _ Level 1 (C/P 1)
Navigation Safety _ Level 1 (NS 1)
General Seamanship (Orals) (FM4-O)
Simulated Electronic Navigation _ Limited (SEN-L)
Ship Construction and Stability _ Level 1 (SCS-1)
Radio Operator’s Certificate - Maritime Commercial (ROC MC)
SFTY 1106 (Marine Advanced First Aid)
SFTY 1108 (Marine Emergency Duties A1 - Basic Safety (MED A1)


FITE 0001 (Introduction to Fishing Gear Construction and Repair)
FRMG 0001 ( Fisheries Resource Management)
QLAS 0001 (Handling and Holding of Fish and Shellfish)
MARP 0001 (Fishing Vessel Hull Repair and Maintenance - Fibreglass)
MARP 0002 (General Fishing Vessel Maintenance)
BSMG 0002 (Introduction to Fishing Enterprise Management)