Office of Career Integrated Learning


The main function of the Office of Career Integrated Learning is coordinating student work term employment in various programs offered by the Marine Institute. As well, additional services are provided to students and graduates through the Office of Career Integrated Learning which include:


  • Student Job Posting - Individual jobs are posted on various physical and electronic platforms for students.
  • Job Competition Coordination - Resumes of qualified candidates are collected and forwarded to the employers.
  • Employer Engagement – Company sessions are arranged both on campus and virtually for student participation.
  • On Campus Recruitment - Interview coordination and office space is available to employers who wish to conduct student recruitment activities on campus.
  • Program Promotion - Institute work term programs are promoted to employers and industry groups as part of the placement program.
  • Employer Research - A database of companies employing Institute students and graduates is maintained.
  • Employment Programs - Information on student and employer subsidy programs is available.
  • Resume Referral Service - An up-to-date file of student and graduate resumes are made available to employers..
  • Job Search Support - Students are assisted with cover letters, resume preparation and interview techniques..
  • Career Advantage Program – Students are offered various career development sessions which qualify to meet the requirements of the CAP certificate.