The Marine Institute’s Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) department provides technical support and software for academic programs. The required academic software is available on the computers in campus computer laboratories as well as through the use of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment. General students access to academic software and resources outside scheduled instruction time is available as resources allow.  Printing and plotting services are available on campus for a fee per page basis.


Students are provided with a Marine Institute student account in order to access their academic computing resources and their Marine Institute email account.  The Marine Institute student account provides full access to Memorial’s enterprise Microsoft 365 services and software, including M365 Office software. This is a different account and password from your Memorial MUNLogin ID.


Students are expect to adhere to the Marine Institute’s regulations provided in the Calendar section entitled Institute Rules under Academic Policies and Regulations. The use of the Marine Institute’s IT resources is governed under Memorial University’s Appropriate Use of Computing Resources and Single Email for Students and Employees policies.