There are two health and dental plans for students, one for Canadian students and the other for international students. Students are normally covered under one or the other plan but not both.


Canadian Students


The Marine Institute Students’ Union (MISU) offers students a health care plan which covers a portion of the cost of prescription drugs, dental services, eyeglass expense and other medical services. Participation in the plan is compulsory and fees are due at the time of registration. A family plan is available on request. A detailed description of the plan is available from the Student Council.


Students who are covered under a similar plan held by a parent or spouse may opt-out of the plan by visiting the website at The opt-out deadline for any given academic term is two weeks after the first day of lectures.


International Students


International students may be eligible for coverage through the provincial health care plan, MCP. Students should contact the International Student Advisor located in the Global Learning Centre (formerly Corte Real), Room 2004 on the St. John’s campus.