The Office of the Registrar provides a variety of services to support the development of students at the Marine Institute. The primary role of this office is to interpret, uphold and contribute to the development of the academic policies and regulations of the Marine Institute; to coordinate the admission and enrollment of students at the Institute; to provide information regarding Institute programs, policies and regulations and courses to applicants, students and others; and to receive, process, manage and report all student and academic records relating to Marine Institute programs and students.


This office provides the following services:


  • The production and distribution of the Institute calendar and program information brochures.
  • The application and interpretation of Marine Institute academic policies, regulations and procedures.
  • The provision, receipt, review of, and response to, applications for admission for all Marine Institute programs.
  • The receipt and coordination of applications for transfer of credit from other institutions to the Marine Institute.
  • Registration for students in programs and courses.
  • The receipt and coordination of Course Audit applications.
  • The provision and updating of student identification cards.
  • The receipt and processing of changes to student registration information including course changes and student withdrawals.
  • The processing of changes of address for students.
  • The evaluation of deferred and supplementary examination applications.
  • The coordination and supervision of final examinations including deferred and supplementary examinations.
  • The receipt and coordination of challenge examination applications.
  • The coordination of the review of, and response to, student academic appeals.
  • The coordination of the Institute‚Äôs response to reports of academic misconduct.
  • The coordination of enrollment for Transport Canada certification training.
  • The receipt, processing and reporting of end of term grades.
  • The provision of official student transcripts.
  • The receipt and evaluation of applications for graduation.
  • The provision of student certificates and diplomas upon verification of completion of program requirements.


The Office of the Registrar may be contacted for further information on programs or any of the above services as follows:


Phone: (709) 778-0488 or 1-800-563-5799 (ext. 488)
Fax: (709) 778-0322
Web Site: