1.0 Application And Admission/Readmission Requirements


1.0 Application and Admission/Readmission Requirements


1.1 Application for Admission


1.1.1 Non-Degree Programs


1.1.2 Bachelor’s Degree Programs


1.1.3 Graduate Diploma, Master’s and Doctor of Philosophy Degree Programs


1.2 Admission/Re-Admission Requirements


1.2.1 Non-Academic Requirements Physical Requirements Criminal Record Check Programs Requiring a Specialty Driver’s License


1.2.2 Re-Admission


1.2.3 Admission Requirements for Degree Programs


1.2.4 Admission Requirements for Advanced Diploma and Post Graduate Certificate Programs Advanced Diploma in Food Safety Advanced Diploma in Water Quality Post Graduate Certificate in Quality Management


1.2.5 Admission Requirements for Diplomas of Technology and Technician Diplomas Applicants who have Followed the High School Curriculum of Newfoundland and Labrador Applicants who have Followed the High School Curriculum of Other provinces and Territories of Canada Applicants who have Followed the Collage of the North Atlantic Comprehensive Arts and Science Transition Program Advanced Standing in Diploma of Technology or Technician Diploma Programs


1.2.6 Technical Certificate Programs Bridge Watch Fire Rescue Marine Diesel Mechanics


1.2.7 Mature Students


1.2.8 Transfers from Other Canadian Universities/Colleges


1.2.9 Applicants from Other Countries International Students Entering Transport Canada Approved Programs


1.2.10 Applicants for Concurrent Studies


1.2.11 Special Admissions Applicants Requesting Special Consideration for Admission Admission Criteria


1.2.12 English Proficiency Requirements


1.2.13 Admission Status


2.0 Policies And Rules On Student Rights And Responsibilities
3.0 Glossary Of Terms
4.0 Program/Course Registration And Deregistration Procedures
5.0 Credit Transfers/Credit Awarded Through Challenge Examination
6.0 Examinations
7.0 Grade Reporting And Program Continuance
8.0 Graduation
9.0 Appeals Policy And Procedures
10.0 Academic Misconduct
11.0 General Regulations For Workterms