BSMG 2104 (Policy and Law)


This is an introductory course that looks at various aspects of marine environmental law at the regional, national and international level. It gives the students an overview of various location, the regulatory bodies that deals with them and the interaction between these various bodies.


The Policy Making Process and the Development of Laws and Regulations; International Environmental Initiatives; International Environmental Conventions; National Environmental Acts, Laws and Regulations; Provincial Laws, Acts and Regulations; Municipal Regulations; Environmental Legal Issues.


Duration - 13 weeks


Lectures - 3 hours/week = 39 hours


BSMG 3111 (Environmental Assessment)


This is an advanced level course that will use discussion and analysis of relevant, recent and real-world projects and their assessments, with a particular focus on EA requirements and experiences in marine-related industries, to enable students to develop an understanding of the environmental assessment (EA) process, particularly as it applies to proposed developments and key issues in the marine environment.


EA Definitions and Concepts; Provincial and Federal EA Processes; EA Stages and Components (including Case Studies); Issues in EA Practice; Post EA Requirements


Prerequisite - BSMG 2104 (Policy & Law)


Duration - 13 weeks


Lectures - 3 hours/week


BSMG 3113 (Personnel Resource Management)


This course will provide students with business and organization management knowledge as it pertains to the marine sector.


Seafaring; Marine Terminology; Human Resources; Marine Engineering Diploma Program Requirements; Personnel Resource Management; Employee Relations; National and International Regulations; International Safety Management Code (ISM); Maritime English.


Duration - 13 weeks


Lectures - 3 hours/week


BSMG 3119 (Management Principles)


This course is designed to give participants an understanding of the current business management principles and practices applicable to Canadian industry in general. This course will teach participants to develop organizational decision-making and planning skills and assist them to function as a team player in the modern workplace.


The Canadian Business System; Managing the Business Enterprise; Conducting Business Ethically and Responsibly; Organizing the Business Enterprise; Managing Human Resources and Labour Relations; Motivating, Satisfying, and Leading Employees; Interpersonal Skills; Operations Management, Productivity, and Quality; Accounting; Marketing Principles and Developing Products; Pricing, Promoting, and Distributing Products; Financial Decisions and Risk Management


Duration - 13 weeks


Lectures - 3 hours/week = 39 hours


BSMG 3121 (Environmental Economics)


This course covers introductory economic theory with application to the global economic importance of the ocean economy.


Introduction to Economics; The Economic Problem; Demand and Supply; Elasticity; Efficiency and Equity; Fisheries Economics and Policy; Externalities; Environmental Damages; Costs and Benefits of Economic Efficiency; Government Actions in Markets; Global Markets; Utility and Demand; Output and Cost


Prerequisite - None


Duration - 13 weeks


Lectures - 3 hours/week = 39 hours


BSMG 3122 (Law and Environment)


The purpose of this course is to provide the student with knowledge about and opportunities for practical use of various IMO and Transport Canada conventions and regulations related to the law of the sea and protection of the marine environment.


Introduction to Maritime Law; Law of the Sea; IMO Conventions on Safety of Life at Sea and Protection of the Marine Environment; Anti-Pollution Procedures and All Associated Equipment; Pollution-prevention Requirements.


Duration - 13 weeks


Lectures - 4 hours per week = 52 hours total


BSMG 3205 (Ship Management)


The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to generic management principles and techniques used to manage shipboard personnel. The course also provides the student with knowledge and practical opportunities to use various Transport Canada regulations related to shipboard management.


Basic Principles of Management; Shipboard Personnel Management; Canada Shipping Act, 2001 (CSA 2001); Canada Labour Code (CLC); Canadian Regulations and Vessel Documentation.


Prerequisite - NASC 1204 (Seamanship II); WKTM 2102 (Sea Phase II)


Duration - 13 weeks


Lectures - 4 hours/week = 52 hours total


BSMG 3206 (Feasibility and Economics in Ship Design)


This course addresses engineering economics, and its application in design concepts, quality and the complex relationship and framework of design within the shipyard and ship production.


Shipyard Business Structure; Work Flow and Ship Production; Basic Concepts of Engineering Economy; Economic Decision Making Theory; Analysis of Multiple Alternatives; Tendering, Cost Estimating and Bid Packages; Maritime Law and Ship Management; Surveying and Dry-docking; Effective Resource Management


Prerequisite - MATH 1100 (Pre-Calculus)


Duration - 4 hours per week for 13 weeks (52 hrs.)


BSMG 3301 (Leadership and Teamwork)


This course provides the student with knowledge, skill and understanding of leadership and teamwork at the operational level on board a ship.


The course is designed to meet STCW requirements for the application of leadership and team working skills, in accordance with the 2010 Manila Amendments of STCW, specifically as stated in tables A-II/1, A-III/1, and A-III/6 (operational level) of the Annex A of the STCW Code.


Working Knowledge of Shipboard Personnel Management; Task and Workload Management; Effective Resource Management; Decision-making Techniques; Managing Fatigue and Stress; Shipboard Training and Developing Human Potential.


Prerequisites - None


Duration - 24 hours


Lectures - 24 hours


BSMG 3401 (Marine Law and Environment Stewardship)


This course addresses complex international and national environmental issues, marine law and professional ethics as related to the responsibilities of the Marine Engineer employed in the global merchant marine service.


Maritime Legislation Originators; International Conventions and Legislation; Anti-pollution/Safety Procedures and Plans; Maritime Law; Canadian Marine Environmental Issues; Pollution Response Remedies; Ship Management; Canada Shipping Act; Canadian Marine Acts and Regulations.


Prerequisites - None


Duration - 13 weeks


Lectures - 6 hours per week = 78 hours total


BSMG 4110 (Environmental Policy-Water Quality)


This course is designed to give students an introduction to the issues surrounding global water management and future expectations for water and wastewater treatment. Environmental law, water guidelines for potable water and wastewater treatment nationally and internationally will be considered. This course will explore these issues through case studies and seminars.


Resource Status; Resource Characteristics; Resource Regulation; International Efforts and Agreements; Case Studies.


Duration - 13 weeks


Lectures - 3 hours/week = 39 hours total


BSMG 4111 (Fundamentals of Canadian Food Laws and Regulations)


This course is designed to examine the major topics in Canadian food laws and regulations that are fundamental in the manufacturing and trade of safe and compliant food commodities. While Canadian food laws and regulations are the primary focus of this course, pertinent international food laws and regulations will also be introduced.


Introduction to Canadian Legal System; Federal Departments and Agencies; Federal Food Acts and Regulations; Provincial Food Laws and Regulations; International Food Laws and Regulations; Genetically Modified (GM) Food.


Duration - 13 weeks


Lectures - 3 hours per week = 39 total hours


BSMG 4112 (Management Principles)


This course is designed to give participants an understanding of the current management principles and practices applicable to the industry. This course will concentrate on teaching participants how to develop organizational and planning skills and how to function as a team player.


Introduction to Canadian Business System; Managing the Business; Motivating and Leading; Human Resources and Labour Relations; Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility; Operations Management, Productivity, and Quality; Organizing the Business; Practicing Interpersonal Skills; Marketing and Product Development; Finance and Accounting


Duration - 13 weeks


Lectures - 3 hours per week = 39 total hours


BSMG 0202 (Workplace Preparation)


This course will provide work term and workplace preparation through an overview of employer expectations, an awareness of individual differences and rights, and an appreciation for maritime careers.


Seafaring; Teamwork and Conflict Resolution; Life at Sea; Personal Management; Interpersonal Communication; Codes, Practices and Regulations; Substance Abuse; Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity.


Prerequisite - MREK 0101 (Marine Engineering Knowledge)


Duration – 13 weeks


Lectures – 2 hours/week