CPSK 1103 (Computer Applications)


This course will present, demonstrate, and provide resources on computer applications for presentations, word processing, and spreadsheet software with application relevant to studies.


Computer Fundamentals; Presentation and Word-processing Software Applications; Spreadsheet Software Applications; Database Software Applications; Software Integration.


Prerequisite - None


Duration - 13 weeks (39 hours total)


Lectures - 1 hour/week


Laboratories - 2 hours/week (one 2-hour lab/week)


CPSK 1200 (Introduction to Applied Programming)


This course is designed to provide an applied approach to understanding the theoretical and practical elements associated with the Python scripting language. It will examine integrated approaches to the multi-disciplinary nature of Python scripting from an ocean technology perspective through the examination of fundamental concepts, processes and associated best practices through real-world practical applications.


Programming Fundamentals, Python Fundamentals, Python Integration and Application


Prerequisites - None


Duration - 13 Weeks


Lectures: 1 hour/week = 13 hours


Laboratories: 4 hours/week = 52 hours