Camp Glow

What is Camp Glow?

Camp GLOW is a Fire Camp for women age 17 years and older. It is an amazing opportunity to learn about the fire service and to have fun. Women will develop the confidence and leadership skills to pursue their dreams or to explore a possible career change.Camp Glow logo, small version

Teamwork, problem solving, physical exercise and firefighter training is the intent of the camp. Women will leave the camp knowing they can do absolutely anything.‌

Camp Glow will empower and build confidence in women through personal experiences in team-building and physical ability, to increase self-sufficiency, not only as women but also as potential future firefighters. The weeklong fire camp will be strenuous, demanding and exciting series of activities; many of them modeled on what real firefighters go through during training.

Girls will have a chance to use real firefighting equipment under the supervision of active female firefighters. Exercises, classes and activities include introduction to the firefighter's personal protective equipment, use of tools and ladders, search and rescue, and live fire training.

Camp Dates
  • Stephenville - August 11 - 16, 2013 (offered at SERT, Stephenville)
  • St John's - To be determined (offered at OSSC, Foxtrap)

Other than transportation to and from the site, Camp Glow will be held at no cost to the participants.


  • Day 1: Orientation to Fire and Fire Camp School
    Girls will participate in a tour of the facilities. They will be issued their bunker gear for the week. The students will participate in their first bunker drill. Captains and Lieutenants will be assigned for each day of the week. A basic overview of what the students will be involved in over the next few days and what is expected. A few hours in the afternoon will be spent in the classroom discussing fire and fire extinguishers. The day will end with a practical exercise with fire hoses and fire extinguishers.
  • Day 2: SCBA
    The day will begin with physical exercise drills and a team building exercise. The rest of the morning will be spent on familiarization of the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. The afternoon will include practical exercises with the SCBA. The afternoon will be filled with search and rescue techniques using the SCBA and teamwork exercises.
  • Day 3: Interior Fire, High Angle Rescue and Confined Space
    The day will begin with physical exercise drills and a team building exercise. The girls will experience thermal layering and watch an interior fire go through the stages of fire development. They will experience the formation of the layers of temperature in the compartment and experience what it is like to be in a space with fire and increased temperature. The afternoon will include high angle rescue techniques and confined space rescue.
  • Day 4: Vehicle Extrication and Medical Response
    The day will begin with physical exercise drills and a team building exercise. The girls will visit a fire station and become familiarized with different firefighting equipment and apparatus. A vehicle extrication exercise will be conducted at the fire station. The afternoon will include medical response and a ladder exercise.
  • Day 5: Interior Fire Attack and Demonstrations
    The final day will be filled with a variety of scenarios using all the equipment introduced throughout the week. Here the girls will be able to apply the skills and knowledge gained through out the week as well as utilizing their problem solving capabilities and teamwork. The girls will be involved with interior fire attack exercises. The afternoon will be a public demonstration showing the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the week.

Medical Clearance

Camp Glow is a strenuous practical camp, which involves many physical exercises. For this reason the Marine Institute requires participants to obtain medical clearance before the camp.

Medicals can only be conducted by one of the approved physicians listed on the Marine Institute list of approved physicians. The following is a list of OSSC designated physicians: MI Designated Physicians List.

Clothing Requirements

Camp Glow involves practical exercises. Although protective clothing for firefighting exercises is provided by the OSSC, camp participants should wear clothing that is appropriate for practical work and weather appropriate.

Girls are also required to bring athletic shoes for running and aerobic activity, and a water bottle.

* Girls will have daily access to shower facilities.

Cafeteria Services

Participants are required to provide their own lunch and snacks for the first 4 days of the camp. A full cafeteria service is available at the OSSC every day of the camp.

SERT does not offer cafeteria services. Vending machines and a microwave oven are available.


For participants enroled at the Foxtrap site, a daily bus service will be provided, free of charge. Eligible participants will be picked up at the Marine Institute main campus, Ridge Road, 8:30 a.m. daily, and taken to the Foxtrap site.

The bus will depart Foxtrap 5:00 p.m. daily, to return to the Institute.

*Participants will have to secure their own transportation to the Marine Institute, Ridge Road campus daily.

Participants enroled at the Stephenville site will be required to secure their own transportation to and from the SERT Centre, located at the Stephenville airport.


This will be a non-residential camp. Out of town participants are required to provide their own accommodations during the week of the camp.