Campus Master Plan


In keeping with the Fisheries and Marine Institute’s focus as a world-class oceans institute, setting standards for education, training, innovation, and research, a Master Plan is critical to guide future investment and development. As student enrollment continues to increase, research activities further expand with Ocean technologies and more partnerships are forged with industrial clientele, the Institute’s Master Plan will provide a framework for all campuses to develop and expand in a planned, structured fashion.

The Master Plan will incorporate the Institute’s Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan all within the overall context of Memorial University’s Strategic Frameworks. The Master Plan will consider the effective and efficient utilization of spatial demands for industrial training, academic programs, and research activities.

Site analysis, facility inventory and land use will also consider the functional spatial needs to support the Institute’s schools and departments. Development guidelines and implementation strategies will form an integral part of the Master Plan, and enrollment projections will ensure facility assets match changing demands.

Preliminary Consultation Findings