The Master Planning process commenced in September, 2014 and completion is anticipated in May, 2015.

Phase One – Background Review and Analysis

Timing - September - November, 2014

Objective - The objective of Phase One is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Institute’s facilities, including their existing conditions, the relevant planning framework, and priorities and objectives. This understanding will be accomplished through site visits and team meetings, background research and analysis, data collection, and consultation with the Marine Institute, stakeholders, and an initial Public Visioning Session. The findings of Phase One will be synthesized using highly-illustrative base mapping, which will inform the preparation of Master Plan Options in Phase Two.

Phase Two – Campus Master Plan

Timing - December - February, 2015

Objective - The objective of Phase Two is to build on the findings of Phase One to develop a draft Vision, illustrated Master Plan, and Priority Directions for each of the campus facilities. These deliverables will inform the development of draft implementation strategies and development guidelines, and will set the stage for the Public Open House, which will be held in Phase Three.

Phase Three – Master Plan Documentation

Timing - March – May, 2015

Objective - The objective of Phase Three is to consolidate the work completed in Phases One and Two into a comprehensive Fisheries and Marine Institute Master Plan report. The illustrated Master Plans for each of the Institute’s facilities will be supported by development guidelines and detailed implementation and phasing recommendations to ensure that the incremental build-out of each site is consistent with the overall Vision for the Marine Institute.

Once the draft report is complete, the Project Team will host a Public Open House. A final set of refinements will be made to the report based on the feedback received, before being presented to the Fisheries and Marine Institute Executive and the Board of Regents for final approval.