About Your Coach

About your Coach
Rose Hatfield

Rose Hatfield has been working in the field of sport, wellness and healthy living since graduating from Community Recreation at the College of the North Atlantic in 1983. Her passion and enthusiasm shines in each class. She is a Certified Personal Trainer as well as an Emergency First Responder for the Marine Institute. After many years competing in ice hockey, ball hockey, softball and racquet sports she is dedicated to sharing her experience and knowledge with others.

Rose officiated basketball for 20 years at the highest level refereeing games at the local, provincial, AUS and CIS level. She volunteered with many community groups but the most rewarding was with the Kiwanis Camp Chimo for under privileged children (girls) ages 8-12. She is an avid outdoors person and loves running, biking, golfing and hiking the East Coast Trail. You can be sure to see her in the weight room or gym pushing students and staff in various fitness classes or basketball tryouts. You may contact her at rose.hatfield@mi.mun.ca or by telephone 778-0455.