Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes
  • 12 Week Fitness Program - The Marine Institute offers a 12-week fitness program open to students, faculty and staff each semester. Participants will commit to a twice a week time slot that fits their schedule. Fitness classes take place in a group-style atmosphere and are a blend of strength, conditioning, metabolic, and endurance training. Those wishing to participate must contact Rose Hatfield. See below for fitness class schedule.
  • Strength and Conditioning - Sculpt the body using traditional and non - traditional exercises. The use of body weight, TRX Suspension bands and dumbbells to accelerate your workout. This class delivers a punch when you have other classmates to motivate you to the next level. No two classes are designed the same!
    HIIT Mega Mix - This class offers the benefits of weight training and high intensity interval training in one mega session. All exercises are timed and participants try to push themselves to new heights. This class follows a circuit format; two strength exercises followed by a high intensity cardio exercise. This class combines a number of high and low intensity moves for everyone to perform.
  • Ab Blast - This is a new class this semester and will be offered on the basis of demand. Participants will work on abs, core and butt. 30 minutes of all out core work. You always want a great looking body, how hard are you willing to work for it?
  • Ultimate CrossFit – A high energy, high intensity circuit style class. Sleds, battling ropes, free weights, rowers, and so much more! Break away from the classroom and take part in this lunchtime energy booster! A total body workout! CrossFit classes are 45-50 minutes and take place in the MI gymnasium.
    *Note: CrossFit classes are by reservation only. Please contact Rose by 10 to reserve your space.
  • Bold HIIT Mega Mix Spin Metabolic Intervals - A cardio conditioning cycle class designed to elevate your heart rate. Take your spin class to the next level when you challenge yourself to repeated climbing drills, intense speed intervals and exhilarating downhills (well maybe not so many downhills). Cap off your cycling experience with a few minutes of stretching. *Note: Spin Classes are by reservation only.
  • Yoga – For strength, agility and posture. Yoga helps improve health and happiness and reduce stress levels.