Welcome to your ‘home away from home’!

Choosing where to live while studying at the Marine Institute is an important decision in your transition into your studies. It can be an exciting yet challenging time for students as they adjust into their new surroundings. Students can take advantage of the many resources available on the MI and St. John’s MUN campus to help them ease into this transition. We are here to help!


Students studying at the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University can choose to live on the Memorial University campus. MUN on-campus residence is located approximately 2.5 km from the Marine Institute campus. See map here. For more information on residence living options and information, please visit the residence website.

Off-Campus Living

Students can also choose to live off-campus. There are areas within walking distance to the Marine Institute that have rental accommodations. There are services available to students who would like assistance in finding rental accommodations, finding roommates, understanding Residential Tenants Agreements, etc.

For questions, contact MI’s Student Liaison Officer, Krista Sweetland at krista.sweetland@mi.mun.ca or (709) 778-0611