How to Pay Tuition

Methods of Payment
  • Online Banking
  • Credit Card
  • Wire Transfer using Convera
  • Cash/Debit Card
  • Cheques
  • Tuition Voucher
  • Payroll Deductions (Graduate Students)
  • Student Aid

Online Banking - Memorial University can be set up for bill payment through online banking. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

Set up Memorial University as a payee with your Canadian financial institution by searching for the word "Memorial".

  • Your student number is your account number.
  • Follow your bank's instructions to make a payment to Memorial.
  • Payments should be processed within 3 business days. Login to Student Self-Service and check your student account to ensure the payment has been applied. Payments made on or before the fees payment deadline are considered received by Memorial as of the bank transaction date and will NOT be charged a late fee.

Credit Card - MasterCard and Visa are accepted for the payment of tuition and related fees. MasterCard and Visa payments can only be made through Memorial Self-Service. Credit card payments cannot be made in-person at the Cashier's Office.

  • Login to to launch Memorial Self-Service.
  • Click on the following links Student Main Menu > Financial Information > Credit Card Payment.
  • Follow the instructions to make a credit card payment.

Please note there will be a convenience fee of 2.5% charged to your card by Moneris. Payments made through Self-Service should be applied to your student account immediately. 

Wire Transfer using Convera -  Use the Convera platform to send your wire transfer to Memorial University. Convera makes paying tuition and related fees simple and affordable. Please note that Memorial does not accept payments on student accounts for personal expenses or books.

Just follow these 3 steps:

  • Start a nonobligatory foreign currency exchange quote by clicking here.
  • Select your method of payment. There will be a wire transfer option that can be completed through your bank.
  • Include your information to finish your quote. For wire transfers, you will find the bank account information provided in your payment instructions at the end of the quote process. Please note that quotes expire in 72 hours.

Cash/Debit Card - Cash or debit card payments can be made in person.

Cheques - Cheques can be mailed or dropped off. Cheques that are mailed must have the student number written on the back of the cheque. When mailing cheque it should be addressed as follows. The cheque will be valid on the date received. Please call (709) 778-0200 or (709) 778-0466 to arrange a drop-off time for the cheque.

Cashier’s Office
Fisheries and Marine Institute of
the Memorial University of Newfoundland
P.O. Box 4920
St. John’s, NL
A1C 5R3 Canada

A dishonoured cheque fee of $25.00 will be charged for each cheque tendered to the University and not honoured by the bank. A student with a dishonoured cheque record must pay fees by cash, certified cheque or money order.

Tuition Voucher - Students receiving a tuition voucher must present the tuition voucher and pay the balance of their fees to the Cashier's/Bursar's Office by the published fee payment deadline to avoid being assessed a late payment fee. Please call (709) 778-0200 or (709) 778-0466 to arrange a drop-off time for the tuition voucher.

Payroll Deductions for Graduate Students - Graduate students receiving funding through the University payroll system may elect to pay their tuition and other charges by payroll deduction. The policy for payroll deduction is available on the graduate student website under Payroll Deduction. Payroll Deductions can be requested by logging into and clicking on the Employee tab. To avoid a late fee, the online form must be submitted every semester before the fee payment deadline.

Student Aid - Students paying fees from a Canada Student Loan who are not on a disbursement schedule will have the amount owing signed out automatically from their loans.

Books – Students can order books via the MI website. The MI Campustore is open 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. Monday-Friday to order course materials, supplies, apparel and giftware for in-store pick up or shipment. Call (709) 778-0473 or email to place your order as soon as possible to receive your materials. Visa and MasterCard for credit card payment are welcome.