Math Learning Resource Centre Schedule

*Please note the above date and time refers to the start date and time of the entire schedule.

*Please consult the schedule below for instructor availability. Access the Learning Resource Centre (Microsoft Teams).

Math Learning Resource Centre Schedule
September 22 - December 11, 2020
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00-10:50         Brake
12:00-12:50 Brake        
13:00-13:50 Budgell Budgell Budgell    
14:00-14:50 Pelley       Pelley
15:00-15:50 Callahan        
16:00-16:50 Brake Callahan Pelley Callahan  
18:00-18:50   Budgell   Budgell  
19:00-19:50   Budgell   Budgell  
20:00-20:50   Budgell   Budgell  
Electrotechnology Learning Resource Center Schedule

ELTK Help Center - Fall 2020