Underwater Acoustics Laboratory

The Centre for Applied Ocean Technology (CTec) underwater acoustics laboratory is designed to support applied research and development in the area of underwater acoustics.

This includes design, development, testing and calibration of underwater acoustic devices and systems such as acoustic transducers, remote sensing devices (single and multibeam sonars), acoustic modems and acoustic release mechanisms.

In addition, the laboratory supports applied research and development in the area of acoustic remote sensing applications, such as fish biomass assessment and acoustic seabed classification. The laboratory is operated by CTec and located at the main campus of the Marine Institute.

Features of the underwater acoustics laboratory include an acoustic tank that is:

  • five and a half metres long by four metres wide and four metres deep
  • a poured concrete structure with 30 centimetres thick walls
  • filled with fresh water to a depth of 3.85 metres
  • fitted with underwater lighting consisting of three mercury vapor lamps and three large viewing ports

For more information view the underwater acoustics laboratory specification sheet.