Our Clients

Our Clients

We work with a variety of stakeholders in the maritime realm to apply technology and expertise in the ocean depths for everyone's benefit. At the Centre for Applied Ocean Technology, we recognize that mariners are, by necessity, conservative in nature, a characteristic that is borne from experience, predicated on survival - the sea is not kind to risk takers.

Likewise, we recognize that maritime pursuits are high-risk in nature. Rash decisions are rarely rewarded, and the consequences of a bad decision can be catastrophic.

Our focus is squarely on the development and application of advanced but reliable technologies designed to make us all masters of the world beneath the waves.

Marine Transportation

The marine transportation industry is the lynchpin in the ‘just in time' global supply chain. Advancements in navigation technology, radio frequency identification and a host of other technologies are helping to improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of ships and shipping enterprises.

Offshore Oil and Gas

The offshore oil and gas industry uses advanced technologies to find and extract hydrocarbons from deep beneath the world's oceans, in an environmentally safe and efficient manner.


Better management of global fish stocks is critically dependent on technology to provide real-time data concerning fishing effort, catch, by-catch and the environment in which fisheries are prosecuted.

Ocean Science

Scientists who are working diligently to understand the dynamic and complex ocean systems so critical to human survival rely heavily on ocean technology to help them observe, measure and record a panoply of ocean phenomena.