Marine Bioprocessing Facility Equipment

Freeze Dryer Super Modulyo, APV

Freeze Dryer Super Modulyo, APVFreeze drying removes water from food and can extend its shelf life.

Mincemaster Emulsifier Model 535-1000

Mincemaster Emulsifier Model 535-1000Multipurpose emulsifier of food products.

Pumping System with Goulds Pump, Model SSH

Pumping System with Goulds Pump, Model SSH (6SH2G4G0) G&L PumpsDesigned to pump slurries and liquids with heavy particle load like municipal waste water.

Westfalia Separator Model SA1-01-175

Westfalia Separator Model SA1-01-175, Westfalia Separator AGSeparates solids or heavy particles from a liquid by centrifugation. It can be used for the clarification of liquids, the separation of solid products, and for the concentration and/or dewatering of products.

Spray Dryer, APV

Spray Dryer, APVThe spray dryer is designed for industrial process development and pilot scale production.

Votator Turba-film thin-film evaporator

Votator Turba-film thin-film evaporator, Laboratory model with condenser, LCI CorporationThe evaporator is used in many different applications within the chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical processing industries for thermally separating process constituents into volatile and non-volatile streams.

Bonnot Cooking Extruder (single screw)

Bonnot Cooking Extruder (single screw)The Bonnot, single screw, cooking extruder is effective for use with a variety of materials and applications.

Hammer Mill

Hammer MillHammer Mill, Sentry. The hammer mill is used to crush or shred material into smaller pieces.

Weigh Scales

Weigh Scales (3)16" platform scale (2), 30" platform scale (1)

Steam Jacketed mixer kettles

Steam Jacketed mixer kettles100L (2), 40L (2), 20L (1).

Baader Separator

Baader SeparatorSeparator Baader, Model 694. Nordischer Maschinenbau Rud. Baader. This machine is used for the separation of raw fish meat from bones, fins and skin.

Hobart Grinder

Hobart grinderThe Hobart MFG. Co. Ltd. Designed to grind fresh or tempered frozen meat (above -3°C/26° F).

Biodiesel System

Biodiesel SystemBiodiesel Logic, LLC, Inc. Biodiesel System with cold filter. Biodiesel Logic, LLC, Inc is comprised of 2 x 200L conical tanks, a dry wash system and a finished product 200L storage tank. This system is semi-automated for the main biodiesel production steps.

Bibun Bowl Cutter

Bibun Bowl CutterBibun Bowl Cutter is used to process food and bio-products into whole pieces, emulsified products or anywhere between those textures.

Chitin Pilot production line/batch processing line

Chitin Pilot production line/batch processing lineThis line can be used for enzymatic and/or chemical processes.

Dewatering drum (spinner)

Dewatering drum (spinner)Anko Dewatering drum, Model # YL-22. The rotary drum functions by allowing free water from a bio-solid to drain through a porous screen while solids are retained on the screen.

Depigmentation & Deacetylation tank

Depigmentation and Deacetylation tankCustom Made Equipment.

Washing system

Washing systemThe washing system consists of: • Goulds pump • Two 600L tanks • Mincemaster emulsifier (optional)