Research/Technical Personnel Marine Bioprocessing

Dr. Deepika Dave, Research Scientist

Dr. Deepika Dave
Research Scientist

Research and Technical Personnel (Marine Bioprocessing)
Wade Murphy, Food Technologist, Marine Bioprocessing Facility Supervisor

Wade Murphy
Food Technologist, Marine Bioprocessing Facility Supervisor

Mr. Murphy has been with the Marine Institute for more than 20 years, working in areas of seafood harvesting & handling, seafood processing (wild fisheries & aquaculture) and fish/shellfish by-product utilization. He is an integral part of the CASD operations and is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the Marine Bioprocessing Research Facility.

Wade has conducted applied research in the field of by-products utilization for the fin fish and shellfish industry including work on composting, ensilaging, fish meal processing and the utilization of snow crab and shrimp shell. This past research carried out at CASD laid the ground work for the establishment of the Marine Bioprocessing facility and its ability to perform focused by-products research.

In addition to Wade’s previous experience with by-product processing, his knowledge of seafood processing technologies, experience in operating seafood processing operations and work on processing efficiencies and familiarity with all aspects of the seafood processing industry and the companies operating the facilities has proven to be an asset in developing projects to maintain a proactive role in leading the industry through developing opportunities to fully utilize raw materials.

In the development and implementation of project activity, Wade plays an integral role in scaling up processes from a research/lab scale to a pre-commercial scale. In particular, he works with the marine bioprocessing research group to identify, procure and install processing equipment for processes being developed; performs pilot-scale production runs and ensures that the facility meets current Occupational Health and Safety guidelines.

Furthermore, as an expert for the local Aquaculture and Seafood processing industries he leads the installation of processing equipment at clients’ processing plants and their integration into existing operations.

Julia Pohling, Marine Biotechnologist

Julia Pohling
Marine Biotechnologist

Ms. Pohling (M.Sc. Biotechnology) has 6 years’ work experience in the health research, pharmaceutical industry and marine biotechnology. During her Master’s degree program, her focus was bio-process engineering, in particular downstream processing, protein purification and bioreactor modeling.

After graduation, she first worked in the field of basic immunological research before beginning to work for Abbott Diagnostics in the position of Head Product Specialist in a team responsible for the manufacturing of diagnostic tests for Hepatitis. She adds experience in pilot-scale bio-process design as well as sound knowledge of international quality standards in the biomedical industry to the project team.

Her work at the Marine Institute has included the evaluation of the potential for the recovery of lipids from Newfoundland aquaculture salmonids for omega-3 nutraceutical products; the development of processes to utilize marine lipids for biodiesel; development of chitin-chitosan process and other varied applied and analytical research into the development of marine by-products.

Sheila Trenholm, Laboratory Technologist

Sheila Trenholm
Laboratory Technologist

Ms. Trenholm has six years’ work experience in food science and the food industry. Previously, as a research assistant in the Biochemistry Department of Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Food Science Division she worked on the research, development and testing of marine food products. This included proximate and chemical analysis; shelf life testing and other microbiological assessments of novel food products.

She also has experience as an environmental assessment consultant, a quality assessment technician with an ice cream production plant, a specialized diet consultant and counselor and as a project specialist in the food and beverage division of a chemical supply company. Her work at the Marine Institute has included the analysis of marine oils for characterization studies, assisting in the production and analysis of chitin from shrimp shell and wastewater analysis.

She has also been involved in research on marine by-products, has performed a variety of analytical procedures and has assisted in pilot scale production runs.

Vegneshwaran V. Ramakrishnan, Marine Biotechnologist

Vegneshwaran V. Ramakrishnan
Marine Biotechnologist

Mr. Vegneshwaran has 4 years of research experience in fish processing, proteins, amino acids, oil, biodiesel, antibiotics and microbiology. During his Master’s degree program, he carried out research on the enzymatic extraction of protein, oil and amino acids from fish processing wastes.‌

After graduation, he worked as research engineer at Dalhousie University in which he developed knowledge and expertise related to the extraction of chitin, chitosan, collagen, gelatin, biodiesel and omega-3 fatty acids from fish and fish processing waste.‌ He has worked on 11 journal articles for publication in peer reviewed international journals.

His work at the Marine Institute has included research on marine oil characteristics, chitin and chitosan; the development of research manuscripts and proposals; and performing analytical procedures.