CFER attends ArcticNet

Brynn, Laura and Marie travelled to Vancouver to participate in the ArcticNet 2015 meeting between December 7-11. Brynn and Laura presented results from CFER’s ongoing collaboration with the Arctic Fishery Alliance and attended a number of workshops focused on traditional knowledge and engaging with communities. Laura presented a poster titled, “Inshore depth and temperature preferences of three species of shrimp in the eastern Canadian Arctic.”  Brynn gave a talk on “Marine diversity in Canada’s Arctic: insight from exploratory fisheries catch and underwater video around Arctic Bay and Resolute Bay.” This work was also entered in the student poster competition. 

Marie represented the Labrador Institute at the annual meeting of the Canadian Network of Northern Research held during ArcticNet. The conference's multi-disciplinary nature and the focus it had on Canadian Arctic research were very good and well appreciated.