Public Engagement

Public Engagement and Outreach

OutreachCFER is actively engaged in the community, both locally and on a provincial and national level. In the past five years, we have participated in everything from educating local Brownie and Girl Guide groups to holding Oceans Days and speaking at conferences and meetings across the globe.

  • Our scientists, staff and students have participated in over 50 conferences and workshops worldwide since CFER was first created.
  • We actively engage secondary students through job shadowing, the WISENL Summer Student Employment Program and as judges in science fairs.
  • Undergraduate students hold summer research assistants positions.
  • CFER provides training opportunities using workshops.
  •  We host visiting academics, prospective students, industry partners and collaborators.
  • CFER participates in family and community events such as the World Oceans Day and the Holyrood Squid Festival.