Ship Systems

Ship Systems

One of the main goals for the Centre for Marine Simulation is to build a federate system; that is, a system of simulators that can interact with one another in real-time.

For industry, this will create an immersive simulation environment capable of replicating a real world scenario that can be rehearsed by several members of a ship's crew (including navigation officers, marine engineers and remotely operated vehicle pilots) at the same time.

This will allow for the development of realistic scenarios to replicate an operation where risk to personnel, the ship or the environment is involved. Being able to undertake an operation in a simulated environment under realistic conditions allows for procedural evaluation and the ability to study the effects of something going wrong or a worst-case scenario.

Different corrective actions can be trialed, recorded and assessed using a full simulation suite that can recreate the conditions exactly for each situation.

The following are examples of research projects:

Integrated Bridge and Dynamic Positioning Simulators and the Development of Taut Hawser Loading Simulation

Integrated bridge and dynamic positioning simulation technologies to develop more realistic scenarios for offshore clients.

Integrated Bridge, Dynamic Positioning, and Remotely Operated Vehicle Simulators

Integrated bridge, dynamic positioning and remotely operated vehicle simulation technologies to develop more realistic scenarios for students and external clients.