Simulation Technologies

Simulation Technologies

The Centre for Marine Simulation (CMS) collaborates with industry partners and research colleagues to develop new simulation products that enhance training opportunities for the marine industry. By utilizing a suite of advanced simulation equipment and technical expertise CMS can assist with assessing equipment being designed for use onboard ships.

By interfacing with CMS's simulation facilities ergonomic factors such as ease of use and functionality can be tested. As the Centre has direct links into the shipping industry, mariners can be part of technology evaluation and provide real user feedback.

The following are examples of research projects:

Decision Making Simulation Tool for Ice Management

Developed a prototype tool that provided the capability to view resources, facilities and threats in the offshore operational area, which will assist the user in executing decisions such as the deployment of iceberg search and towing facilities.

Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator

Developed an interactive simulation tool designed to teach fish harvesters across Canada concepts of stability.