Regulatory and Certification Training

The Centre for Marine Simulation (CMS) provides the specialized simulation-based training to individuals taking nautical science and marine engineering to meet internationally recognized training requirements for seafaring personnel.

Its curriculum, simulations, and course instruction also assists industry clients in developing and improving qualifications of marine personnel moving into new positions or performing new tasks.

All training programs offered by CMS meet the standards of Transport Canada, the Marine Institute's Non-Degree Program Committee, or other external accrediting agencies. All courses and simulations are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that students receive the most up-to-date and relevant training available.

CMS's instructional team keeps abreast within their fields of expertise to ensure that the Centre remains focused on current trends in vessel operations.

A list and brief description of courses offered at CMS is available online.

Customized Training

The Centre for Marine Simulation (CMS) offers customized simulation training in the areas of ship operations. If you cannot find a course that is right for you and your organization, the Centre will work with you and your team to develop a course that is designed to meet all of your objectives.

The faculty and staff at CMS are experienced in converting specific training requirements into effective simulation training programs.

A team of instructors, simulation developers, and curriculum designers will consult with you to determine:

  • Training objectives
  • Modes of delivery
  • Required training materials
  • Required specialized databases
  • Instructor requirements
  • Development and delivery schedule
  • Inspection and test plan

Contact us today to discuss your training needs.