Fishing Masters Registration Information

Fishing Masters Registration Information
Step 1

For Fishing Masters and other courses leading to Transport Canada certification you need to:

a. Obtain a Verification of Sea Time letter from Transport Canada by doing the following:

Complete and mail Transport Canada forms Testimonial of Sea Service; Statement of Sea Service for a Certificate; Steering Testimonial to your closest Transport Canada Marine Safety Branch office. These are standard forms that can also be obtained from your closest Marine Safety Branch Office.

b. Complete a medical, if applicable:

Students are required to complete a Transport Canada Seafarer's Medical through a Transport Canada Certified Physician for Fishing Master Class III and above, as well as participants enrolled in a Marine Emergency Duties-Domestic Vessel Safety (MED-DVS)  course. It is recommended that the applicant complete the Seafarer's Medical prior to submitting a Marine Institute Application for Admission.

Step 2

Submit the MI_Marine Institute CBED Application Form along with your letter of sea time from Transport Canada.

Step 3

Upon submission of a completed application including all required documentation, a Letter of Acceptance shall be issued by the Marine Institute Office of the Registrar noting the location and date of the course as well as providing further instructions and information regarding registration.

Step 4

Registered individuals must pay course fees by the first day of class. Fees can be paid by any of the following methods:

a. By cheque or bank draft payable to the Marine Institute. This can be delivered or mailed. Please indicate your student number on the cheque to ensure it is credited to your application. This number is indicated on your letter of acceptance and all other correspondence from the Marine Institute.

b. By cash. Cash can be accepted only if paid in person at the Marine Institute Cashier's office.

c. By credit card. The Marine Institute accepts Visa and MasterCard. Payments can be made by phone, by mail, or in person.

d. Proof of sponsorship.

  • Applicants can use the Marine Institute Letter of Acceptance to approach various funding sources (e.g. Banks, Service Canada). It is advisable that the applicant seeking funding from funding sources start the process when first applying to the program as funding approval can be a lengthy process
  • Students are charged for the cost of tuition fees on either the first day of classes or registration day, whichever is later. Students are responsible for all charges on their account. That is, once a student registers, tuition fees are considered due. Cancellation of these charges for students who discontinue will be provided according to the Marine Institute's refund policy as follows:
    • In the first 5 days of classes - 100% refund
    • 6 class days to 8 class days - 50% refund
    • 9 class days to 11 class days - 25% refund
    • 12 class days and beyond - no refund
    • No refund for programs 3 weeks or less

This policy applies to all community-based students including those receiving assistance from sponsoring agencies. Applicants will be confirmed for a particular offering of a particular course on a first-come first-served basis, based upon the date that an individual's application is complete and he or she is approved to register. That is, on the date that the Marine Institute receives all documents and fees. The Marine Institute requires a minimum number of applicants in order to deliver a specific offering and the minimum numbers vary depending on the course. If the minimum number of applicants has not been approved to register, the offering will be canceled and all applicants will be notified. Exam Schedules are the responsibility of Transport Canada. Marine Institute Instructors will provide assistance with information regarding this matter.