Disability Services

Disability Services

Within the Student Affairs department at Marine Institute, the mission of Disability Services is to maximize academic development for students. We aim to provide and coordinate the highest quality services and assist students in reaching their fullest potential. In addition, we aim to promote inclusion among the members of the Marine Institute community.Accessibility Services Student Affairs Marine Institute

The department of Disability Services coordinates programs and services to students with disabilities with this mission at the forefront.

We assist students by facilitating access to information, services, and campus facilities in accordance with Memorial University’s Accommodations for Students With Disabilities. In collaboration with faculty, staff, and students at Marine Institute and off-campus agencies, we assist prospective and current students on campus whose disabilities involve mobility, vision, hearing, learning, chronic illnesses, or mental health.

Support is also provided to students with documented temporary illnesses and injuries.

For more information about the available services, please contact:
Charlotte Dove
Student Affairs Officer
(709) 757-0702