What are the benefits of being a mentor?
  • Gain volunteer experience
  • Build your résumé and learn soft skills for the workforce
  • Get involved in the MI community
  • Sense of pride helping another student
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Academic and co-curricular transcript notations
How much time will mentoring take?
  • Less than one hour per week
  • You and your mentee will decide how often to communicate and how you will communicate (electronically, by phone or in-person)
What are the qualifications of a mentor?
  • Good academic standing
  • Successful completion of a short interview and mentor training
How do I apply to be a mentor?
  • Complete a Mentor application (it will take less than 60 seconds!)
  • Our Student Affairs Officer will contact you after your application has been received
  • Or, contact the Student Affairs Officer at