Catchment Area

Catchment Area of the Lewisporte Regional Fisheries and Marine Centre

The catchment area for the Lewisporte Regional Centre has been defined by the following categories:

Primary Catchment Area

The primary catchment area is located from Gambo/Eastport in the east, to Springdale/Green Bay in the west, and as far as Twillingate/Fogo Island. All communities in between encompass the primary catchment area of the Centre.

Secondary Catchment Area

Since operations began in Lewisporte, several inquiries began coming in from all over the island. There was a noticeable amount of interest from the Coast of Bays region in particular.

This has been defined as the Secondary Catchment Area of the Lewisporte Centre. The secondary catchment area can also be applied to other areas throughout the province which utilize the Lewisporte Centre for resources or coordination.