There are currently four main offices at the Lewisporte Regional Fisheries and Marine Centre. Two offices are used by Centre staff members and there are also two offices for full time and part time instructors.


The Lewisporte Regional Centre has two classrooms which are available for course offerings. The first classroom is set up as a SMART classroom.Classroom Lewisporte Regional Fisheries and Marine Centre

It has a desktop computer, projector and drop down projector screen, a DVD and VHS player, a doc cam, white board, and an excellent sound system. This is the largest classroom at the Lewisporte Centre and is where the majority of Marine Institute programs are taught.‌

The second classroom is set up as a regular classroom with a white board. There is a portable projector screen and projector in that classroom, as well as a laptop computer with internet connectivity.

Simulation Lab

The Simulation Lab has also been set up with the same technology as the SMART classroom. It has 11 computer work stations with laptops and monitors for the following three courses:‌Simulation lab Lewisporte Regional Fisheries and Marine Centre

  • Simulated Electronic Navigation Limited (SEN-L)
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS)
  • Radio Operator Certificate - Marine Commercial (ROC-MC)‌

The laptop computers will allow the courses to be portable to continue providing training via community based education delivery in the region as necessary.