MI Ocean Net

What We Do
MI Ocean Net conferences, cleanups and events

MI Ocean Net conferences, cleanups and events

MI Ocean Net initiates, guides, and supports the engagement of youth and community volunteers in all aspects of the marine environment - sustainability, innovation, and leadership. MI Ocean Net has designed a variety of projects which engage and motivate participants to see their challenges as opportunities; to reject the idea that opportunities are scarce in NL; and to connect them to the educational and professional resources required to make it all happen.‌

MI Ocean Net projects engage youth from as young as age 6 during the Friends of Beaches (FOB) summer cleanups, to age 13 when they first take part in the Youth and the Oceans Conference (YOC), up until enrolment and graduation from the Marine Institute. This is a holistic process designed to cultivate youth engagement, provide educational and experiential support, and at all times maintain the vision of marine sustainability.

Why We Do It

Without engagement, our passions and interest cannot be ignited. Without support and encouragement, we cannot grow. Without education and training we cannot reach their potential.

MI Ocean Net's continued support of youth engagement in marine related issues, careers, and technologies sustains this progression year after year. That is why MI Ocean Net is uniquely positioned to fill this niche and further engage the future leaders of tomorrow - today.