Youth and the Oceans Conference Series

Youth and the Oceans Conference Series

Motivation and energy...  Fresh approaches and uplifting realizations...  Change and leadership potential... MI Ocean Net's Youth and the Oceans Conference engages and motivates youth participants to see the challenges they face as opportunities; to reject the idea that opportunities in NL are scarce; and to connect them to the educational and professional resources required to create their success in the marine environment.

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Youth are ready for the tools necessary to create change. MI Ocean Net's Youth and the Oceans Conference has developed these tools and has the capacity to present real opportunities to keep youth engaged. The result is a momentum initiated in the hearts of these young champions and a desire to be further engaged in marine sustainability.

YOC Series

MI Ocean Net delivers a series of annual youth conferences which bring together hundreds of students from schools in key marine areas of the northern, southern, eastern, and western regions of the province. This year, MI Ocean Net is expanding this opportunity to increase awareness about marine sustainability and offer engagement activities in marine innovation and youth leadership.

Expert speakers will open the eyes of youth delegates to challenging issues and wake them up to the opportunities here in NL. MI Ocean Net will present awards for environmental excellence to schools, communities, community volunteers, and youth.

The Students on Ice research and art competition will also be held for students. For information on how to apply for an award to take part in the research and art competition please see MI OceanNet Awards. The theme for the conference series is "Sustainable Oceans - It's Now or Never".

Topics focus on:

  • how our day to day decisions have an enormous impact on our marine environment
  • the challenges we face in NL with regard to sustainability
  • the opportunities for youth to get involved and create successful futures for themselves here in the marine sectors in NL

To find out more about the YOC Series, or to host a conference contact us.