Welcome Employers

The Office of Career Integrated Learning is responsible for coordinating the work term requirements of Marine Institute students. This involves activities that range from preparing students for work placements, through to assisting employers in recruiting Marine Institute students and/or graduates.

Our services for employers include:

  • online job posting
  • resume referral service
  • on campus recruitment
  • annual career fair
  • current resume file

It is through our office that our industry partners are able to connect with Marine Institute students and graduates.

Why Mentoring Works

Providing work term experiences to students is a critical component of mentoring. Employers that mentor students and foster a proactive learning culture provide a meaningful and memorable experience for all learners.

Student placements allow you to:

  • evaluate prospective employees
  • engage in special projects/research
  • use a cost-effective way to meet short term employment needs
  • gain fresh and innovative perspectives
  • shape new skills into the talent that works best for your business
  • provide leadership and guidance to the next generation of industry professionals

We invite you to contact the Office of Career Integrated Learning for more information about how to join our team of partner employers. Through committed partnership between industry and education we can continue to mentor innovative and dynamic contributors to the oceans sector.